Happy New Year 2005 - Time to Move Forward...

Now that the dust has settled from November's elections and my protest has become a matter of public record, I want to take this opportunity of a New Year to congratulate Senator Dick Elliott and offer my assistance to all the members of the Horry County Legislative Delegation to help our District and our state of South Carolina in anyway I can. Any unfinished business from the elections numerous 'irregularities' have been forwarded to the U.S. Department of Justice for their review and appropriate action. I am in consultation with a number of publishers who are interested in the 'inside story' of a Generation Xer's campaign against a 'Leftover Good Old Boy' who has held elected office since 1962, and had never been defeated in his home county or home town - until now. For me and my family, it is time to tie up lose ends and to look forward to the future.

Your votes on November 2nd sent a clear message to the Statehouse in Columbia that the people of Horry County, and many of the people in the rest of the District are tired of the Good Old Boys and Politics as Usual and are ready for change and a new Generation of Leadership with a new Senator. I had a great team of supporters and contributors who worked long and hard on my campaign, Thank you so much! We can be proud of the fact that together, we won the majority of votes cast in Horry County which makes up nearly 70% of the SENATE District population. But the District includes more than just us, and the votes from Dillon, Marlboro and Marion Counties gave Senator Elliott a slim victory of 1880 votes out of a total of over 30,500 votes cast in our race.

Nevertheless, I do not plan on going away anytime soon and I intend to fight for the people of this District. I will continue my service as a member of the I-73 Association; which is critical to jobs and economic development, and in my role to my immediate community of North Myrtle Beach as a member of the Mayor's Communitiy Advisory Board and as an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. As a mother of four, with children in our Public Schools, I intend to fight for quality education improvement and the restructuring of State Government and the Department of Education. Finally; as a U.S. Army Gulf War Veteran, I intend to support our troops overseas and our military, veteran and retiree communities here at home, and to offer my assistance on homeland security issues as they impact us at the local level.

A special thanks is due to KIDS VOTING and it's enthusiastic director - Elizabeth Jenrette-Teal. KIDS VOTING is an outstanding program that teaches our children the value of our democratic principles and the value of fair and open elections without fraud or crime. Over 15,000 of our school children in the county participated and the majority of the students voted to make me their SENATOR too; Thanks kids!

It's now time to move forward and look to the future; I'm only 36 and I'm not planning on going anywhere, this is my home and the future looks real good from where I'm standing. Again, my sincere appreciation to my supporters and to those voters who went to the polls and cast their votes on election day; even if they did not vote for me. Our elections are for all the people, which is why I served in uniform alongside so many others - so we all could be free to vote our choices...and our conscience.

Thank you all and God Bless!

Katherine Jenerette
Republican Candidate
South Carolina Senate
District 28 ~ 2004