Home Sweet Home & Army Fall 2008

Birthdays ~ School Awards ~ Family

The past few weeks slash months has been a blur. Fort Benning - Fort Leonard Wood - Fort Jackson - Fort Bragg - training in Middle East Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations and Home Sweet Home. Benjamin earns a Varsity Letter and leads the North Myrtle Beach Girls Cross Country Team at the State Meet on the 8th - as a 7th Grader on the HS team; Drake burst through the pre-teen years, Wilson get's perfect attendance and learns about voting, Christian finally get's the Varsity letter he earned in Fall '07 and is trying to grow a 'beard' and thinks he's reading for his own pick-up truck, Van is getting used to the role of 'Mr. Mom' but still can't cook and last: Benjamin was inducted into the Beta Club in a ceremony at her school for academic honors. Add of course the Grandparents are really spoiling the kids - I'm ready for a break! ~ KMJ 'Lt. Mom'

Katherine Jenerette