UPDATE: March 29th, 2012. I want to thank everyone for the support and prayers while I was in Afghanistan this past year and to let everyone know that I filed today for the new South Carolina 7th US Congressional District Seat. I just got back home in January and now I have to update this site. Please forgive me if I don't get to update everything at once! I look older now after the war but it seems many of the issues are the same! Of course - contributions are always appreciated! Thanks again! Please vote June 12th...

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FOX Campaign Video Update June 1st:
South Carolina U.S. Congressional Candidate Katherine Jenerette on FOX Business' America's Nightly Scoreboard interview with David Asman as FOX Salutes Vets Running for Congress...

"... Memorial Day 2010 South Carolina's Katherine Jenerette appeared on FOX Business’ America’s Nightly Scoreboard with David Asman as part of a panel of four veterans who are running for Congress – South Carolina’s Katherine Jenerette, Florida’s Allen West, Michigan’s Brian Rooney, and Adam Kinzinger from Illinois . Asman said that they are among “nearly two dozen vets” who are “looking to take back Congress and making a real difference.” ...click here to watch video clip from FOX "America's Nightly Scoreboard"

How Liberals Blogs see her:
Katherine Jenerette, the "Sarah Palin of the South."

"... poor old Henry Brown will also probably lose his primary battle, possibly even to Katherine Jenerette, the "Sarah Palin of the South..." and an update on January 12th "...South Carolina's most responsive-- and attractive-- political leader, Katherine Jenerette, [shows] how strongly an extremist teabagger like herself can absolutely crush-- that word again-- any pathetic Republican Establishment hack the party choses to field. Jenerette may be poohpoohed by the media, but she's every bit as compelling to the brainwashed Beck/Limbaugh masses as Marco Rubio is. And she's looking like a winner to replace Henry Brown in South Carolina's first congressional district-- even handily beating Insider favorite Carroll "Tumpy" Campbell III by more than double. ...more from a Left Wing Blog "Down With Tyranny"

Former US Congressional Aide US Army Paratrooper Katherine Jenerette Announces Campaign for Congress '10

On Wednesday, Katherine Jenerette, a former US Congressional Field Representative for the 1st District, a veteran of the Persian Gulf War, and a US Army Reserve Officer announced her bid for the 1st District US Congressional Seat in the 2010 and the beginning of her campaign. “Yesterday’s election demonstrated clearly that the 1st District will be a battleground in the 2010 election,” Jenerette said from Fort Bragg were she is presently training in Middle East Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations. “When a four term incumbent Republican in a ‘safe’ Republican district holds the seat with a slim margin of only four percent of the votes - that spells big problems in the next Congressional election,” Jenerette said. ...more from here

South Carolina: Flood gates open for Charleston Congressional seat: About Jenerette “… she’s kind of got that Sarah Palin thing going on,”

Katherine Jenerette, a veteran of the US Army and the Persian Gulf War, former Brown staffer, TEA Party activist, and photogenic mother of four who garnered 19 percent of the primary vote against Brown in a three-way race in 2008, has also already been in the race. While insiders question her ability to win either the nomination or the General Election, they note she has several advantages, including some name ID from her 2008 race, being from Horry County in a primary field possibly dominated by Charleston area contenders, and being the lone female in a race with a half-dozen or so males. “She’s sort of an outsider… she’s kind of got that Sarah Palin thing going on,” ...more from the Southern Political Report

If It's Reagan Principles You Want, Katherine Jenerette is your Gal ~ from Carolina Politics Online

The one candidate that really stands out to me out of the three, however, is Katherine Jenerette. A history professor, mother of four, and a lieutenant in the army reserves, I think Mrs. Jenerette is the total package that disgruntled conservatives and others disoriented with the Republican Party are looking for. Read and learn: ...more from a Conservative Blog